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Aerobatic Thrill Rides

Have you always wanted to experience real stunts that you see at air shows and on TV?  Well, here is your chance to come experience the thrills and excitement of aerobatic flight with a IAC competition performer, Air Show Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor.  On one of our infamous rides you will get the chance to climb into the cockpit be strapped into the front seat of our Aviat Pitts S2B Biplane aerobatic machine or our Extra 300L Monoplane and have the E Ticket ride of your life!  You will have so much fun, you will view it as a life changing event that you will remember and talk about for years to come.  Our "Ultimate Thrill Ride" package offers you one of the best aerobatic experiences that you can get!  This ride will include actual stunts, such as loops, rolls, hammerheads, and any combination of these and other Airshow Maneuvers.  Our "Extreme Thrill Ride" takes it several steps further with Spins and Tumbles. The Extreme Ride is an all out assault on the senses. The sensations you will encounter and experience in either ride are breath taking and invigorating.  Come awaken your soul and your inner child!  If you're searching for the ride of your life, that is packed with fun, excitement, adventure and a once in a lifetime experience, then this is just the ticket! 

Although these rides are aimed at the non-pilot thrill seeking adventurer as an introductory to flying and aerobatics, pilots themselves find the flight experience invaluable!  These rides are also great as surprise gifts too!  We offer "Gift Certificates" that can be cashed in at anytime.  You can choose to purchase our Ultimate "Thrill Ride" in our Pitts S2B or if you would like to experience more, we now offer an EXTREME Aerobatic Ride in our Extra 300L Monoplane. If you do decide to purchase a Thrill Ride you will receive a 20-30 minute flight brief covering maneuvers, safety etc, and approximately 30 minutes of in-flight aerobatics for the low price of $399.99 for the Ultimate or $599.00 for the Extreme. These rides however are not for the faint of heart! If the individual is prone to motion sickness, this IS NOT the ride to take, but if the individual is an ADRENALINE JUNKIE of the utmost caliber, then this ride will satiate the wildest of appetites.

We also offer a video service option for the Thrill Ride. For the small cost of $49.00 we can record the entire flight and provide to the receipient. This is great for showing friends and family you adventure!

** NOTE: Aircraft are weight restricted for Aerobatics, as such, there is a max front seat occupant weight of 240 lbs. Additionally, a thrill ride patron taller than 6' 3" may find the aircraft a tight fit.

** This is not a ride for Children! Considerations may be made for teenagers but it is at the discretion of the pilot. This is for safety factors. A liability waiver must be signed by everyone.

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