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Four Winds Aviation Discovery Flight will introduce you to the world of flying. You will start your Adventure with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. The instructor will conduct a pre-flight briefing on the ground, covering details you as the "actual flying pilot" will need to know about aircraft control and navigation. Once all the details are covered and your questions are answered, then its onto the aircraft.

You can choose either the Piper Warrior or our Legend Cub for your Discovery Flight. Its up to YOU!!

Your Flight Instructor will spend time with you going over the aircraft in detail before you climb in, crank up and get airborne. Once airborne you will pilot the aircraft around the skies of North Texas where you get to enjoy the sensations of flight, and the exhilaration of not being connected to Mother Earth!

If you have always wanted to experience the sensation of flying with as little training as possible, then the Discovery Flight is exactly what you are looking for!  Your hands on flying time is under the discretion of the FAA Certified Instructor that will be judging your skill and ability to learn during the pre-flight briefing and instruction. Your Discovery Flights Includes:

An FAA Certified Instructor

Pre-Flight Instruction and Briefing

20-40 Minutes of Flying

A Chance of Hands on Flying

Post-Flight Debriefing

First Timer Certificate

So what are you waiting for? Contact Four Winds Aviation today to discover what it feels like to be a pilot

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Discovery Flight

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